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GEM's sister company ARMC does “re-appeals” of accounts that have been denied by managed care companies for administrative, technical or medical reasons.  The process can come after the hospital’s internal denial management efforts are exhausted, so it is a win-win.  ARMC takes a “hands-on” consultative approach with payers to maintain good relationships – but still collect money due to the hospital.

Why ARMC for Denials?

  • We have years of experience and excellent references.

  • ARMC uses an automated follow up system.

  • Our analysts are provided with simultaneous access to billing information, document imaging and other key resources.

  • We track the complete denial management process, identify trends, and report them to you the client. 

  • ARMC identifies work standards required, then routes denials to the appropriate work queue for appropriate follow up. 

What is the ARMC "Denial Management Safety Net?"

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