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ARMC Recovery Systems (“ARMC”), a Financial Services Company, is a leader in the management of accounts receivable. Through its experienced staff, ARMC provides a full range of accounts receivable management programs. 

A High Recovery - ARMC establishes a collection curve for every client. This enables ARMC to monitor its performance at each stage of the relationship, and to accumulate performance statistics.
Responsiveness - ARMC’s dedicated client services staff is always available to ensure that clients' requests are immediately addressed. 
Timely Reporting - ARMC’s system efficiently generates both standard and custom reports. 

Trust.  At ARMC you can expect a professional, business-like approach to collecting what is owed to your hospitals.  Yet we are also aware that your patients, and payers, too, must be treated with respect.  It is a fine line between maintaining your relationships and collecting what is due.  Trust the professionals at ARMC to know the right approach.







How much are your denials really costing you? ARMC has years of experience appealing and collecting denials for our clients – inpatient, outpatient, clinical and administrative. Our combination of technology, industry knowledge and professional negotiation skills brings results. Over the last several years we have collected over $40 Million for hospitals and physician groups in New Jersey. That money might have been written off and lost forever. Instead it went right to our clients’ bottom line. Just saying...

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